International ASEAN Corporation (IAC) is committed to delivering the highest level of consultation service. We believe in developing strong and lasting relationships with our clients by understanding your needs, encompassing your goals, and responding to them with the utmost in quality and service are our commitment to you.

Residential Development

We understand the planning and development process, and our expert service is backed up with market knowledge and hands on experience. Our team of professionals have a proven track record in identifying development opportunities and advising on appropriate strategies to realize best value before bringing them forward for sale.

As the list of our services demonstrates, we also offer an enviable development consultancy service, providing professional advice on all aspects of residential development.

  • Strategic Planning and Development Advice
  • Project Management and Planning Promotion
  • Options and other forms of Promotional Agreements
  • Landowner Collaboration and Equalization agreements
  • Valuations and development appraisals
  • Feasibility and viability studies
  • Market research and marketing advice
  • Sale or acquisition of development land

Commercial Real-Estate Development

Design/Build development of prime strategic locations. Serving private and institutional investors, or building on our own account to meet the needs of tenants large and small, IAC can manage the development of industrial, commercial and retail properties.

Our commercial real estate development services include:

  • Site selection and strategic land acquisition
  • Feasibility studies
  • Sub-division severance/plans
  • Land economics
  • Architectural/engineering design
  • Project financing
  • Leasing
  • Marketing & tenant acquisition

Health Care

IAC helps to implement world recognized Canadian Healthcare System and work on strategy, operations, organization and education. Our multi-faceted team bring a diverse and deep experience to deliver the best possible healthcare worldwide.

We work alongside the client and their teams at all levels to develop real-world solutions that can deliver sustainable results every time. Our Canadian Healthcare practice support our clients in both developed and growth markets.

Vietnam – One Main Hospital (Hub) and 4 surround Mini Hospitals (Executive Healthcare)


IAC’s infrastructure capabilities encompass various types of construction projects that enable cities and towns to operate more efficiently and effectively.

  • Roadways, bridges and highways
  • Conventional and alternative power generation
  • Water management and storage structures and Waste treatment facilities
  • General transportation from public transit to airports and seaports

IAC works side by side with governments to conserve their financial resources and help them to be more open to innovative acquisition and operating models, such as P3s. IAC is poised to be a leading innovator worldwide in providing infrastructure from design, finance, execution and management. IAC and Executive Team with decades of experience, is proving to be a leader in infrastructure construction providers, with a growing presence outside of the ASEAN states.

IAC services extend beyond the construction phases to commissioning and operations and/or maintenance. We offer the full spectrum of contract approaches including design-build-operate-transfer, partnerships and P3 project delivery.

Hotels and Resorts

IAC and their teams of seasoned professionals are flexible, creative, and accommodating to the nature of the work site and the needs of the owner.

We excel at a high level of architectural finishes into your project while managing the intricate details and completing construction on time so you can start your business. Our team and its partners are can adapt working in a remote resort location or in a busy urban environment. Whatever your heart desires, the quality of our materials, workmanship, and client service is exceptional.

Our experience in this market includes:

  • Hotels
  • Luxury resort residences
  • Resorts and vacation amenities
  • Restaurants and dining services
  • Site work and infrastructure
  • Golf Courses
  • Super Yacht Marina

Alternative Energy

IAC is set to be a strategic leader in alternative energy by developing and operating high quality facilities while respecting the environment and adhering to the best interest of the communities, our partners and our investors.

IAC co-develops with other alternative energy providers, build, operate and transfer of hydroelectric facilities, wind and solar farms. Our management team has been involved in the alternative energy for the past 25 years.

IAC’s long-term vision and strict adherence to the company’s mission and core values guide us in achieving our vision of providing alternative and sustainable energy for a greener tomorrow.

Financial Services

IAC’s capabilities are in banking, wealth management and securities distribution worldwide. We have committed financial services team ready to serve in all areas of the financial services industry. With a team that has many years of experience in the world's most important financial centers, you will always be in good and profitable hands. We work with our clients as partners. We create well-defined and practical action plans to ensure real and sustainable improvement.

We work with leading institutions in all major areas, including:

  • Retail banking
  • Private banking and wealth management
  • Capital markets business
  • Transaction banking
  • Asset management
  • Risk, liquidity and capital management
  • Stock markets

IAC and the professional team have the expertise in financial services, but also have the foresight in the industry that we draw upon our capabilities experience. We tailor these offerings to the needs of our clients to find resolutions or pursue opportunities in many areas of interest.

Construction Management

No confusion of terms, no ambiguity of intent.

All parties benefit from beginning-to-end efficiency, cost-effectiveness, control, and the budget-conscious vigilance of a single dedicated team.

The advantages of selected providers

Choosing the Construction Management method enables owner and architect to ensure that the trade sub-contractors have the experience and capability to meet all required standards of workmanship and all demands of schedules.

The advantages of an ever-present watchdog

Actual costs are monitored closely to ensure full value for your Money: i.e. you pay only for what you get.

The Advantages of close collaboration and a common goal

All contributing parties function as a unified team with a single shared objective. On-going collaboration and communication between owner, architect, engineers and the manager ensures that the focus never strays from cost-effective completion—on time, on budget.

Value engineering: The advantages of knowing your options

The International ASEAN corporation’s partners have expertise and experience in pricing alternative construction methods or products equips you and your architect with the most cost-effective options for your design.